JD Farag was born in Beirut, Lebanon to an Egyptian father and Palestinian mother. He immigrated to the United States in 1963. In 1988 JD was married in Spokane, WA and later moved to Hawaii where he started his first Bible Study in 2004. As a strong supporter of Israel, JD’s focus is on Bible Prophecy, often times pertaining to the Middle East. In addition to weekly prophecy updates, JD teaches through the Bible at Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Jim Fletcher is a researcher, writer, and a longtime advocate for the nation of Israel. Regularly speaking on the subject of Christian apologetics, Jim incorporates his impressions from numerous trips to Israel, and also a keen perspective on culture. He writes for many publications, and blogs weekly on the Israel Watch section of Rapture Ready. Jim also hosts the weekly radio show, Israel Watch with Jim Fletcher.

Dr. Tommy Ice is the Executive Director of The Pre-Trib Research Center, which he founded in 1994 with Dr. Tim LaHaye to research, teach, and defend the pretribulation rapture and related Bible prophecy doctrines. Dr. Ice has authored and co-authored over 30 books, written hundreds of articles, and is a frequent conference speaker. He has served as a pastor for 17 years. Tommy holds degrees from several seminaries and universities.

TA McMahon is president and executive director of The Berean Call apologetics ministry, and editor-in-chief and contributing writer for The Berean Call newsletter. He has written and co-written many books such as The Seduction of Christianity and The New Spirituality. He has also written and produced various documentaries such as The Cult Explosion and The God Makers, A Woman Rides the Beast, and Psychology and the Church.

Russ Miller is founder of Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries. A former theistic evolutionist, Russ now ministers to Christians and non-Christians alike, using science and the Bible to teach Biblical creation. Russ has authored five books, and leads regular tours of the Grand Canyon, presenting the evidence for Creation and a world-wide flood. Always encouraging people to believe the Bible word for word and cover to cover.

Chris joined the staff of Calvary Chapel Cypress during the mid-90’s as an assistant pastor. Then, in 2010, Chris was called by the Lord to be the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Cypress. From his new home in Texas, Chris continues to teach the Bible through Old Path Ministries. Chris has a great love for God’s Word and for Bible prophecy in particular, and sees the modern church’s move away from historic Christianity as an indicator of the last days.

Jay Seegert is an author, international speaker, and Founding Director of The Starting Point Project. He holds degrees in Physics and Engineering Technology and has been lecturing on the authority of Scripture and science for 35 years. Jay is also on the Board of Directors for Logos Research Associates, the world’s largest consortium of scientists who are Christians. The Starting Point Project helps Christians better understand and better defend the Christian worldview.

Andy Woods is the senior pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church in Texas. Before becoming a Bible teacher, he taught law, business and other related courses. Andy holds several degrees and is president of Chafer Theological
Seminary. He has contributed to many theological journals and Christian books, and now speaks on a variety of topics at Christian conferences and churches.