In the summer of 2002, historic College Avenue began a face-lift designed to bring new life to downtown Appleton. Pilgrims’ Café had already proven to be a gift from the Lord that brought new life to our community in another sense, our ongoing desire to be an outreach for the Kingdom and a blessing to the brethren. In November 2001, Calvary Chapel purchased not just one building from the YMCA around the corner, but also the building next door, and began a literal ‘floor to ceiling’ remodeling project designed to make both buildings flow together as one café. Pilgrims Café continued to welcome old musical friends as well as new, larger bands to the downtown Appleton scene. The new addition featured it’s own antique bar, ice cream, smoothies, coffee, hot dogs, shakes and malts. Though now closed, the 2nd Pilgrim’s Café still holds a special place in the hearts of many people at Calvary Chapel Appleton.

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