The Little White ChurchRemember His marvelous works which He has done.  —Psalm 105:5

Within this generation, indulging in nostalgia has become somewhat of a national past-time. When we think of the term ‘nostalgia’, it usually brings to mind the most accepted and established usage of the word, that of ‘something to do with the past’, a sort of melancholy, dream-like memory of some pleasant experience, or of a simpler or happier time.

But the word originally meant much more; a ‘strong desire to go home’; a ‘longing for something far away’; the earliest form of the word actually meant, ‘He returns’.

Calvary Chapel has always been a forward-looking ministry that is centered around and maintains its perspective from the Biblical mandate to watch for our Lord’s soon return, all the while occupying ourselves with the work of the kingdom until that Day. And yet we also enjoy remembering our beginnings and giving glory to Jesus for all He has done for us and in us. It is in this strictest sense of the word that we as Christians can indeed call ourselves ‘nostalgic’, and for this reason we give you this brief history of Calvary Chapel of Appleton, Wisconsin. And should the Lord tarry, we believe we will see Him continue to do that which is beyond anything that we might ask or think.

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